Rockefeller Center Releases 2016 New Hampshire State of the State Poll

The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences recently released the 2016 New Hampshire State of the State Poll, its ninth annual survey of New Hampshire's registered voters. The report assessed opinions on policy issues, elected officials, and the state of the economy in New Hampshire and in the United States.

“The poll results for both the presidential race and the contest for the U.S. Senate seat clearly identify New Hampshire as a battleground state in the 2016 election cycle,” says Professor Ronald Shaiko, senior fellow and associate director of curricular and research programs at the Rockefeller Center. “We can expect a great deal of attention to be paid to the state in terms of national media coverage as well as a significant influx of outside money into the state on behalf of and in opposition to candidates in both races."

Read a full account of the creation of the poll in the May 13, 2016 Dartmouth Now article by Bill Platt.