DLAB Leadership in Practice

The 2017 D-LAB program concluded with session 6, titled “Leadership in Practice.” The focus of this session was to allow participants the opportunity to reflect on ways to apply their values to different campus organizations. The session was structured differently from past sessions; participants first met with their groups, then all participants mingled with representatives from campus organizations.

In the first part of the session, participants discussed how they could use the lessons learned from D-LAB in their lives at Dartmouth. Participants talked about how the discussions of values helped them identify which values they prioritize and values they may want to focus on. Facilitators encouraged students to think about how the activities they are involved with could help them prioritize certain values and interests.

Participants then had the opportunity to meet with a variety of departments and centers at Dartmouth, as well as mingle with first-year Deans. Representatives shared with participants different opportunities available to first-year students and beyond their first year. Facilitators participated in the discussion by standing near representatives and organizations they were affiliated with.

The session concluded with each individual group conducting debriefs of the session and of D-LAB overall. Participants discussed how they had thoughtfully considered how to best engage their values through opportunities at Dartmouth, and beyond.

Written by Sarah Han '17, D-LAB Student Facilitator