Internship Opportunity: U.S. Attorney's Office Southern District of New York

PLEASE NOTE: This opportunity is listed for reference only. The deadline to apply has passed.

 This is an unpaid internship opportunity from outside the Rockefeller Center.

Position Type: Internship - unpaid

Location: NYC

Sector: Government, Law

Key Dates:

Summer Interns are required to work, at a minimum, 40 hours per week for a total of 8 weeks beginning June through August.  Resumes (see below) must be submitted via e-mail, during the period January 15 through January 31.

Students wishing to participate in the spring undergraduate internship program will work from January through April, a minimum of 14 to 16 hours per week.  Resumes (see below) must be submitted via e-mail during the period September 1 through September 30.

Students wishing to participate in the fall undergraduate internship program will work from September through December, a minimum of 14 to 16 hours per week.  Resumes (see below) must be submitted via e-mail during the period May 1 through May 31.

Wage or benefits: Unpaid

Desired Class Year: Open to all class years

Desired Major or Interest: Open to all majors

Organization website:

Brief Description of the organization:

The U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York encompasses the boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx in New York City, along with Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, and Westchester counties. The Office prosecutes cases involving violations of federal laws, and represents the interests of the United States government and its agencies in criminal and civil matters. The Office investigates and prosecutes a broad array of criminal conduct of every conceivable magnitude, even when the conduct arises in distant places. Today, the Office is at the forefront of many important areas of criminal law enforcement, including terrorism, white collar and cyber crime, mortgage fraud, public corruption, gang violence, organized crime, international narcotics trafficking and civil rights violations. Similarly, the Office litigates among the most complex and significant civil cases the Department of Justice handles - from large affirmative civil fraud cases to cases in the environmental, health care, immigration and bankruptcy areas, as well as cases implicating classified information.

Throughout its history, this Office has distinguished itself as one of the nation's premier legal institutions, successfully prosecuting groundbreaking and historic cases. Those who have served in the Southern District include lawyers who have gone on to become United States Senators, Congressmen, Mayors of New York City, Governor of New York, Secretary of War, Secretary of Homeland Security, Secretary of State, Attorney General of the United States, United States Supreme Court Justice, Ambassadors and federal judges, as well as well-respected members of prominent private law firms.

Brief Description of the Intern's role or key qualifications:

A limited number of undergraduate internships are available in our Civil and Criminal Divisions during the spring, summer, and fall semesters to perform certain types of case-related work for paralegals and Assistant United States Attorneys.  Internships are occasionally available in the Administrative Division as well, depending on the needs of the Office. We generally offer no more than twelve summer internships and two internships during the spring and fall semesters. Students participating in our intern program may perform work such as:

  • Transcribing calls
  • Preparing trial materials
  • Assisting trial team in preparation for trial
  • Observing opening and closing arguments
  • Visiting the Metropolitan Correctional Facility
  • Writing subpoenas
  • Redacting documents
  • Sitting in on proffer sessions (witness interviews)

Students will also participate in "brown-bag lunches" and may on occasion have an opportunity to sit and listen to legal discussions on various aspects of the Office's work.

How to apply:

Please attach a cover letter to your resume. Ensure that your GPA and graduation date are clearly indicated. E-mail your resume and cover letter within the time frame indicated above to attn: Patricia Amitrano.

Candidates for all programs will be selected by Human Resources at the United States Attorney's Office. Applicants must be in good academic standing and exhibit a strong desire to perform public service work with a legal organization. Candidates who are selected will be required to pass a background check. Please note that, among other items, any illegal drug use during the prior twelve months will make it unlikely that you can be taken on board as an intern.