Policy Research Shop Testifies in Concord

On Monday, March 2, 2020, Class of 1964 Policy Research Shop students Andrew Culver '22, Paul Hager 22', and Tyler Work '20 traveled to Concord to testify before the New Hampshire House Committee on Science, Technology, and Energy, chaired by Rep. Robert Backus.  The students have spent the past several months researching the implementation of California regulatory standards for zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) and hybrid vehicles in several states to provide evidence to the committee on the possible impacts of H.R. 1444, a bill to adopt the California Clean Cars Program in New Hampshire. Andrew, Paul, and Tyler, spent more than an hour presenting their findings to the members of the committee and responding to a wide variety of questions from virtually all of the committee members.  Their policy brief, “Considerations for the Implementation of the California Clean Cars Program in New Hampshire,” PRS Policy Brief 1920-03, was circulated to the committee prior to their testimony.  The team also provided printed copies of their Powerpoint slides to committee members.  Chairman Backus thanked the team members for their hard work and for their excellent presentation.  As H.R. 1444 will move to the House Transportation Committee, it is likely that the team will return to Concord to present their ongoing research findings to that committee as well at the beginning of the spring term.