MLDP Spring 2020 Excellence

Each term the Management Leadership Development Program provides students with the opportunity to reflect on their leadership experience and build the skills to be more effective leaders. At each session, participants are asked to nominate their peers for excellence. When nominating, students are asked to explain why their nominees made their experience in MLDP more beneficial and how their nominees provided an excellent example of leadership during the program. At the end of the term, students must have perfect attendance and be nominated multiple times, by multiple peers to complete the program with excellence. Below are the collaborated comments about those who completed the Management and Leadership Development Program with excellence in Spring 2020. We thank them for their effort and commitment to the program. Congratulations!

Benjamin Brody ‘22 received excellence: Ben consistently submitted thoughtful reflections, where he thoroughly answered all the prompts. Ben’s reflections demonstrated his excellent writing ability and displayed his level of engagement with each of the sessions. Ben’s fellow peers described him as insightful, super easy to talk to, and very inquisitive. Thanks to Ben for participation during the main group session, many found his words well thought out and meaningful.

Bradley Fox ‘21 received excellence: Bradley had terrific reflections, which exhibited how much thought and effort he put into understanding himself and his leadership development. Various peers expressed how humorous, attentive, and engaging he was. Bradley was very open during discussions and many of his breakout session buddies felt that he responded thoughtfully to questions. The MLDP staff described Bradley as very resourceful and proactive when it came to accomplishing his personal leadership challenge. Thanks to Bradley, for being an active and curious learner.

Maria Harrast ‘21 received excellence: Throughout each week, we appreciated how perceptive and intentional Maria was in her reflections. We want to thank Maria for her unwavering commitment to MLDP this term, despite having to simultaneously study for the LSAT. Both the staff and her peers took note of how engaged she was in discussions and activities which encouraged others to participate more readily. Maria masterfully exemplified subtle and humble leadership.

Hunt Hobbs ‘22 received excellence: Hunt’s peers appreciated how he asked great questions, gave meaningful feedback, and was an active and empathetic listener. He was always willing to volunteer during discussions and push himself to contribute during breakout sessions. The MLDP staff acknowledged him for being vulnerable and showing initiative to talk to the guest speakers. Hunt definitely created a friendly and supportive peer-learning environment, and are the embodiment of a diligent and motivated leader. Thanks to Hunt for his dedication.

Mubarak Idoko ‘23 received excellence: We enjoyed reading Mubbie’s well-written reflections. He did a great job of using stories and content he learned from MLDP to form outstanding responses. A peer mentioned how patient and understanding Mubbie was, and from the MLDP staff we thank him for his effort to deeply reflect on himself, make changes, and his ability to form professional relationships between us and his fellow participants. Everyone appreciated Mubbie’s kind and pleasant demeanor. He was a joy to have in the program. 

Emma Kallman ‘22 received excellence: Emma’s peers described her as a great leader during breakout rooms and admired how engaged she was with guest speakers. They applauded Emma for being an active listener, humorous, and approachable. She was willing to be vulnerable and open, which inspired her peers to share their ideas and points of view. From the MLDP staff, we appreciated how Emma was consistently an active listener and we admired her concern for different types of people. Thanks to Emma for her dedication.

Jacob Maguire’21 received excellence: Thanks to Jacob for his consistent contribution to group discussions. Jacob was very active in the chat box and his comments were extremely thoughtful. Jacob did a great job connecting his UGA and study-abroad experiences to content related to MLDP. Jacob was such a positive presence during breakout sessions and always kept the discussions authentic. From the MLDP staff, we appreciate the time Jacob dedicated after week two’s session to talk to the guest speaker. Moreover, Jacob impressed the staff with his confidence and ability to engage with his peers.

Olympia Nagel-Caland ‘21 received excellence: Thanks to Olympia for taking the time to show us how to use the Dartmouth Alumni network. It was a demonstration of kindness and servant leadership. Her peers emphasized how important she was to group discussions, as she was great at facilitating discourse and connecting what she learned in MLDP to real-life scenarios. The MLDP staff appreciated how dedicated Olympia was to the program. Her assignments were on time and she was always fully present during the sessions. Thanks to Olympia for giving the program 110 percent, her efforts did not go unseen. 

Jackson Rich ‘21 received excellence: Jackson always pushed himself to go the extra mile, which was shown by his excellent reflections. His peers described him as a curious and active learner, and loved that he was very active during breakout sessions. Many also admired his sense of humor and ability to make someone feel heard. Overall, Jackson’s presence in MLDP this term did not go unnoticed and we were happy with how eager he was to implement what he learned. Thanks to Jackson for his enthusiastic participation. 

Shane Sellar ‘20 received excellence: Shane’s reflections were exceptional and exemplified his thoughtfulness and dedication to excellence. His fellow peers had a lot to say as they nominated him the most. They described Shane as respectful, curious, engaging, caring, and enthusiastic. From the MLDP staff’s point of view, he was consistent, hard-working, and asked great thought-provoking questions. From staying behind after the session to speak with the guests, to his eagerness to get involved, Shane created a supportive environment for peer learning. Thanks to Shane for his passion and commitment.