Introducing the Class of 2023 First-Year Fellows

The First-Year Fellows program is uniquely designed to be much more than an internship. Prior to their placement, Fellows take two academic courses—one on public policy and one on statistical methods—and participate in the Dartmouth Leadership Attitudes and Behaviors program. 

During the spring term, Fellows are selected through a competitive application and interview process and then matched with an alumni mentor and placement organization best suited to their academic and career interests.

At the end of the spring term, the students begin Civic Skills Training (CST) which provides them with additional instruction in public speaking, networking, workplace writing, project management, and professionalism. In June, Fellows reconvene in Washington, D.C. for an additional five days of training the week before their 8-week fellowship begins.

Mentors and fellowship placement organizations commit to providing the student meaningful work, first-hand experiences in the policymaking process, and advice about potential career paths.

The Rockefeller Center congratulates the following members of the Class on 2023 on their selection into the First-Year Fellow program, and acknowledges the First-Year Fellow mentors, whose dedication and support make this program possible. 


  • Uma Alagappan, Save the Children, Mentor: Gabriella Garcia 2001
  • Marco Allen, International Finance Corporation, Mentor: Ruth Hupart 2008
  • Mounisha Anumolu, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission,Mentors: Nancy Bowler 1982 and Jay Matson 1991
  • Michael Canche, National Science Foundation, Mentor: Lisa-Joy Zgorski 1987
  • Isabella (Bella) Dunbar, Brookings Institution, Mentor: Aaron Klein 1998
  • Sabrina Eager, National Disability Institute, Mentor: Michael Morris P2008 and 2014
  • Joshua (Josh) Freitag, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, Mentor: Cathy Solomon 1982
  • Vanessa Haggans, World Resources Institute, Mentor: Sofia Faruqi 2007
  • Sienna (Cici) Henderson, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, Mentor: Nikolas Nartowicz 2007
  • Marcos Jimenez, OnMessage Inc., Mentor: Guy Harrison 1994
  • Chelsea-Starr Jones, US Department of Education, Mentor: Lauren Kennedy 2002
  • Paridhi Kapadia, American Wind Energy Association, Mentor: Tom Kiernan 1981 & P2007
  • John (Jack) Keating, YMCA - Youth Government Affairs Team, Mentor: Derek Summerville 2011
  • Haley Leversedge, Health Affairs, Mentor: Allie Reichert 2018
  • Emily Lu, Human Rights First, Mentor: Welton Change 2005
  • Sebastian Munoz-McDonald, Save the Children, Mentor: Gabriella Garcia 2001
  • Henry Nolan, Federal Trade Commission: Office of Policy Planning, Mentor: Daniel Gilman 1982
  • Amy Park, League of Conservation Voters, Mentor: Tiernan Sittenfeld 1996
  • Alejandro Quiñones, World Resources Institute, Mentor: Sofia Faruqi 2007
  • Natasha Raman, The American Leader, Mentor: George Linzer 1983
  • Fiona Sleigh, American Political Science Association, Mentor: Betsy Super 2002
  • Mark Tao, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Mentors: Nancy Bowler 1982 and Jay Matson 1991
  • Paola Tejeda Gonzalez, National Business Group on Health, Mentor: Dylan Landers-Nelson 2009
  • Maxwell (Max) Teszler, Federation of American Scientists: Day One Project, Mentor: Daniel Correa 2005
  • Hayden Welty, United Nations Development Programme, Mentor: Sarah Jackson-Han 1988
  • Kate Yuan, US African Development Foundation, Mentor: Michele Rivard 1987