Mini-Grantee Daniel Amoateng '25 attends National Student Leadership Forum

The conference is an annual event that is dedicated to taking young college students through the requirements as a leader. This year's was centered around the lives of Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, and Mother Theresah. 

The speakers were the congressmen from Capitol. The event spanned through the entire weekend, and it was an informative one. We got time fun activities and at the same time, had group sessions.  Participants shared their life experiences in their respective groups , serving as motivation to others and some form of advice to others.

From the numerous experiences I got from this conference, I think I can help people ,who find themselves in situations similar to those people shared in my group, out of their problems. Above all, we were pushed to move out of comfort zone during this weekend and that has had an effect on my personality. This paradigm shift will cause me to get myself engaged in school activities more than I have ever since my coming here. Lastly, I will recommend people to get themselves engaged in next year's session. Time with congressmen is an amazing experience no one would want to miss.

By Daniel Amoateng '25


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