MLDP Excellence - Spring 2022

Each term, the Management Leadership Development Program (MLDP) provides students with the opportunity to reflect on their leadership experience and build the skills to be more effective leaders. At each session, participants are asked to nominate their peers for excellence. When nominating, students are asked to explain why their nominees made their experience in MLDP more beneficial and how their nominees provided an excellent example of leadership during the program. At the end of the term, students must have perfect attendance, on-time assignments, and be nominated multiple times by multiple peers to complete the program with excellence. Below are the collaborated comments about those who completed the Management and Leadership Development Program with excellence in Spring 2022. We thank them for their effort and commitment to the program. Congratulations!

Claire Aube '23

Claire stepped up to be an active and valued member in MLDP this term. Her peers appreciated her engagement and willingness to share her experiences with her small group during discussions. One of her peers said that Claire was a "really good and active listener and made me feel comfortable sharing my thoughts." Thank you for your genuine leadership in the program.

Anthony Fosu '24

Anthony was very engaged this term with MLDP's guest speakers. His peers noticed his attentiveness and focus, and Anthony led discussions with strong critical thinking skills, appropriate elaboration, and eloquence. Most importantly, Anthony's strengths as a leader in MLDP lie in his ability to acknowledge and value his peers' contributions. Thank you for leading others in an elegant way this term.

Sydney Jones '24

Sydney's peers praised her for her positive attitude, initiative, energetic approach to discussions, and personable nature. Her engaging questions about the program and of other participants encouraged others to follow her lead and speak up more often. One MLDP participant said, "She made me feel super comfortable, like I had known her for a while, but I just met her." Sydney also received the most nominations this term. Thank you for bringing your contagious positive energy to the program.

Dawn Lim '24

Dawn's willingness to engage in every activity with authenticity made her a leader in the program this term. She was described by her peers as "enthusiastic and joyful." When she found herself in daunting situations, she fully embraced the moment and saw her way through the challenges. Dawn took a similar approach with her personal leadership challenge. She exhibited a growth mindset and wrote powerful reflections in her final paper. Thank you for your commitment to the program.

Evan McMahon '25

Evan stood out in MLDP for his thoughtful contributions to the small group discussions. Several peers appreciated him engaging fully with others when they talked about their lives. His attentiveness made him a valued member of this cohort. Evan also took his personal leadership challenge seriously and experienced profound growth. Thank you for your sincere commitment to the program.

Joanna Olagundoye '24

Joanna's upbeat leadership style throughout MLDP was greatly appreciated by her peers and MLDP staff. We applauded Joana's willingness to step outside of her comfort zone to participate in the activities. In small group discussions, Joanna consistently provided insightful comments and new ideas to consider. Joanna also pursued a difficult personal leadership challenge and made excellent progress. Thank you for your hard work and positive presence in the program.

Valeria Pereira Quintero '24

Valeria exemplifies the qualities of an active listener. She continuously contributed unique ideas to discussions and took the time to fully understand the experiences of others. Valeria has been described as "always ready to share, while not speaking over others." Valeria's personal leadership challenge was an exercise in welcoming vulnerability. She embraced it and learned a lot about herself and leadership. Thank you for your valuable contributions to the program.

Elvio Polanco Jr. '24

Elvio thrived in MLDP by leading by example. Many of his peers were inspired by his open and encouraging interactions throughout the program. Whenever a group member was having trouble, Elvio was consistently willing to step up and lead, help, or uplift someone. In discussion, Elvio stood out for his ability to ensure that everyone's ideas, opinions, and views were considered equally. Elvio alsoworked super hard on his personal leadership challenge and learned a lot about himself and leadership. Thank you for your contributions and for helping others thrive in the program.

Mark Tao '23

Mark's was willing to participate and be vulnerable in group discussions and contributed thoughtfully to the program. Mark always took the time to listen and give insightful feedback to his peers during discussions and small group activities. His commitment and strong communication skills were consistently valued throughout the program. Mark also addressed his personal leadership challenge with creativity and wrote excellent reflections in his final paper. Thank you for adding tremendous value to your learning and the learning experience of others.

Jack Trahan '24

Jack was a valued online participant this term. He was always engaged with the session virtually and was willing to add his voice to online discussions. Jack was described as enthusiastic and spoke up when he had something meaningful to add to the conversation. In addition, he worked really hard at his personal leadership challenge and met his SMART goals. Thank you for your persistence in the program.

Melissa Valencia '23

Melissa exemplifies the ideal quiet leader. She was an active participant in every session by listening, truly hearing, and staying engaged with the speaker. She practiced active listening with her peers as well. Melissa approached her personal leadership challenge with diligence by utilizing many of the skills she learned, and she gained greater professional poise as a result. Thank you for your gentle but mighty leadership in the program.

Tea Wallmark '25

Tea remained engaged as an active listener during small group discussions and session activities. In discussions, her peers described her as making people "feel seen," and she was "inclusive of all members in the conversation." Tea worked hard to apply what she learned in meaningful ways inside and outside of the program. Tea also did an excellent job reflecting on her personal leadership challenge and learned a lot in the process. Thank you for your enthusiastic commitment to the program.