Thank You President Hanlon

As President Hanlon completes his ten-year tenure as President of Dartmouth College, the Rockefeller Center's faculty and staff thank him for his service to Dartmouth's community and students, and for his unwavering support for the Center and its mission.

 "Phil Hanlon '77 dedicated himself to students. There were many times I would see him holding office hours in the Rockefeller Center's Hinman Forum very early in the morning, serving as a role model to all of us who work to elevate the undergraduate experience at Dartmouth. In addition, and across the years, Hanlon and Gail Gentes regularly attended Rocky's public policy events on a wide range of important topics."  - Jason Barabas '93, Director, Rockefeller Center


President Hanlon sits in a crowd of people clapping.
President Hanlon at 2022 event discussing Ukraine with Rob Portman '78, R-Ohio, and Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H.

 "President Hanlon, for the past decade, has held up the experiential learning opportunities provided by the Rockefeller Center as model programming for undergraduates at Dartmouth. Specifically, he often referenced the Class of 1964 Policy Research Shop and PBPL 85 [Rocky's Global Policy Leadership course] as examples of transformational teaching and learning experiences during the Call to Lead campaign. He also was an annual participant in our Rockefeller Leadership Fellows program. We thank him for his consistently strong support for the Center during his tenure as President of Dartmouth College. " - Ronald Shaiko, Associate Director, Rockefeller Center


President Hanlon talks to students in the Class of 1930 room
President Hanlon works with Rockefeller Leadership Fellows.

Most recently, on April 13, 2023, President Hanlon joined the Rockefeller Leadership Fellows (RLF) for his final RLF session as the College President. Each year, this cohort of graduating seniors has enjoyed the opportunity to interact with Hanlon in a more informal setting, learn from his experiences, and reflect on their own leadership and management styles. Hanlon's session, titled "Managing Stakeholders: Leadership Lessons in Navigating Competing Interests," encouraged Fellows to strongly consider competing stakeholder interests when making decisions as leaders.

By the end of these sessions, Fellows left with better understandings of the priorities, demands, and pressures that leaders face when making important decisions, and of the importance of asking the right questions. The Class of 2023 cohort, whose college experience was heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, was particularly interested in learning more about Hanlon's decision-making process throughout the pandemic's peak. After the 2023 session, one Fellow noted that the conversation "gave me new perspective on the challenges of making difficult decisions as a leader."

The Rockefeller Center heartily thanks President Hanlon for his years of dedication to Dartmouth and congratulates him on his retirement!