Alvaro Saralegui '78

Alvaro Saralegui is a media veteran who has held leadership positions at various media and sports companies. He joined Time Inc. in 1983 working for Sports Illustrated. Over the next 14 years he served in a variety of increasingly senior positions including publisher and general manager of the magazine. He then served as Group Publisher of the People Magazine group before leaving to become became Chief Operating Officer and later President and Chief Executive Officer of Quokka, a leading online provider of sports entertainment which went public in 1999.

Mr. Saralegui joined Solera Capital in 2001 after the private equity company acquired Latina Media Ventures. He was appointed Vice Chairman of the board where he helped guide management’s growth of the media company. Mr. Saralegui has continued working with companies and organizations in senior roles in an advisory capacity and managing early stage ventures. Today his clients include the National Football League where he advises the League primarily on media matters with a focus on the U.S. Hispanic consumer. Mr. Saralegui is also the co-founder and president of DANGERTV a streaming content channel. He has served on various boards including Quokka Sports, Enhanced Capital, Latina Media Ventures, DangerTV and Ballet Hispanico.  Bullfinch Press a division of Warner Books, published Mr. Saralegui’s first book, Our Latin Table, in October of 2003. Born in Havana, Cuba, Saralegui graduated from Dartmouth College in 1978 where he graduated with a modified major in History and Economics. He later received his MBA from Columbia University in New York City. Mr. Saralegui resides in Westchester NY where he and his wife, Lisa, raised their three children in the same community where they were raised.