The Burden of Air Pollution in Prishtina, Kosovo

The Impact of Air Pollution, How to Reduce It and Mitigate Health Impacts
PRS Briefs
Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Kosovo faces dangerously high rates of air pollution that often reach levels far exceeding international health limits. Approximately 3,700 Kosovars die prematurely because of high air pollution annually, more than any other country in Europe. The harmful effects of air pollution are most concentrated in Prishtina. The Mayor of Prishtina has proposed a series of policies to address air pollution in the city at two of its sources: vehicle emissions and home heating. This report seeks to explore the potential impacts of the proposed policies to address the effects of air pollution on population health in Prishtina. Specifically, this study aims to estimate the current impact of air pollution on health and the healthcare system in Prishtina and evaluate how policies to reduce air pollution could mitigate that health impact.