Developing Autonomous Vehicle Policy in New Hampshire

Evaluating Policy Options across the United States
PRS Briefs
PRS Policy Brief 1617-02
Wednesday, March 1, 2017

This report examines the various policy options that are available to New Hampshire policymakers relating to the regulation of autonomous vehicles, or self-driving cars. In this report, we explore autonomous vehicles legislation across the United States, breaking bills down into specific categories of regulatory interest. We analyze the variation in bills across states to gauge any substantive differences in approaches before presenting possible model language options for New Hampshire. We examine dimensions related to definitions, testing, registration, operators, vehicles, licensing, insurance, and liability. We also present the results of interviews with experts and committee staffs in states that have already passed legislation. We conclude by explaining some of the challenges facing New Hampshire as autonomous technology become more prominent. As technology improves and autonomous vehicles take to the roads in the Granite State, this report can provide guidance on how policymakers in other states have addressed this new technology.