Grafton County Correctional Facility

An Analysis of Options for the Old Grafton County Jail
PRS Briefs
PRS Policy Brief 1112-01
Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Grafton County Correctional Facility is over 110 years old, overcrowded, and in poor condition. In 2005 the National Institute of Corrections funded a Physical Plant Assessment which cited numerous deficiencies caused by the physical condition of the main building of the old facility. In response to the Physical Plant Assessment, Grafton County began plans for the construction of a new facility. This report examines viable alternatives Grafton County could pursue for dealing with its currently outdated jail. It begins by examining options other rural counties, both in New Hampshire and in other states, have chosen, then analyzes various courses of action that Grafton County could take. Innovative options such as turning the jail into a Juvenile corrections facility or a facility for weekend prisoners, a community outreach center, and a completely overhauled building with a new purpose are explored, along with the option of simply leveling the facility. Benefits and drawbacks, particularly economic costs, for each alternative are considered.