Performance Measurement for State Governmental Agencies

Comparative Case Studies
PRS Briefs
PRS Policy Brief 1112-06
Thursday, March 8, 2012

This report analyzes performance management systems for use within the New Hampshire Department of Safety and its divisions. The first part of our report focuses on umbrella systems for department-wide strategic planning. There are several key components to any successful and useful performance management and measurement system, but these tenets manifest themselves in various forms. In addition to providing this broad overview of whole departmental systems, we also conducted comparative case studies for each division in DOS. These comparisons focus on specific types of systems and detailed metrics available for each type of division, and summarize what other states are doing, or what third party alternative measurement services exist. We conclude by summarizing best practices for developing measures and metrics of performance, particularly the importance of executive leadership and strong ties between the strategic plan and measurement. A substantial level of detailed reflection and analysis is required for a department and its divisions to create and implement a functional and advantageous performance measurement system.