Valuation of Lake Winnipesaukee

PRS Briefs
Monday, June 21, 2021

Lake Winnipesaukee is the largest lake in New Hampshire and an important landmark, providing significant benefits to New Hampshire’s economy. Its presence benefits the tourism and recreation industries in New Hampshire, provides resources to nearby towns, and positively impacts real estate prices in the area. This valuation study was conducted to determine the net economic value that the lake brings to New Hampshire. This will better inform how resources should be devoted to preserving the health and long-term viability of Lake Winnipesaukee in the future.

Through quantitative analysis, this report systematically estimates the value of Lake Winnipesaukee. First, we identified real estate values, business revenues, and water supply as the main economic impacts of the lake. We then examined the total value that the lake brings to each of these sectors by examining grand lists, tax records, and existing data, as well as conducting interviews with business owners. We found that Lake Winnipesaukee contributes $16,457,417,397 in property values, $216,502,454 in property town tax value, $294,131,000 in tourism revenues, $109,266,944 in boating and fishing revenues, $42,704,856 in summer camp revenues, $1,532,410 in water supply revenues, and $42,209,472 from the Lakeport Dam. Based on these values, this report concludes that Lake Winnipesaukee is valued at approximately $17,163,764,533.