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Policy Research Shop Testimony: May 10, 2012

PRS students Michael Danaher '13, Tina Meng '14, and Amy Couture '14 brief NH Governor John Lynch and his senior policy staff on Performance Measures for the agency

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PRS Students Brief Governor John Lynch Following New Hampshire Department of Safety Testimony

Following up on their testimony before the New Hampshire Department of Safety on March 8, 2012, Rockefeller Center Policy Research Shop students Amy Couture ’14, Michael Danaher ’13, and Tina Meng ’14 traveled back to Concord on May 10, 2012 to brief Governor John Lynch on the findings they had presented to the Department of Safety in their PRS Policy Brief, “Performance Measurement for State Governmental Agencies: Comparative Case Studies.”

After the PRS testimony before the senior staff of the Department of Safety, Commissioner of Safety John Barthelmes contacted Governor Lynch to make him aware of the work of the PRS students on strategic planning models and performance measurement in governmental agencies. Governor Lynch then requested that the PRS students brief him on their findings. The PRS students met with the governor as well as his senior policy staff and representatives from the Department of Safety and the Department of Environmental Services in the Executive Council chambers to discuss the wider application of their findings across all state agencies and departments. Ben Schifberg ’13 co-authored the PRS Policy Brief with Danaher, Meng, and Couture, but was unable to attend the meeting with the governor.

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